Aeon Flux pen n' paper roll playing game

I'm working on a new pen n' paper roll playing game, that is going to be based on the "Aeon Flux" weird, violent and sexual universe.

The core game system will take allot from the "Vampire the Masquerader's" first edition game system, but it will be reworked and easier to use. I want to give the "Aeon Flux" roll playing game a fast story and action system, that gives the player possibilities to create unique characters.

Any dates of release are not set yet, but I'm hoping that it's going to be released this year. And of course the game will be free for download on my page.

If you are an Illustrator that is interested doing illustrations that is going to be used for the "Aeon Flux" roll playing game, contact me by email: contact(@)mikaelsegedi.se

Legend of Mana - The Hidden Valley

For people that don't know, I'm working for BigPoint right now, and they have a new game that is released now. It's called GameGlobe and made by Square Enix.

I made a level for the game that was inspired by the "Secter of Mana" series. The name of the level is "Legend of Mana - The Hidden Valley". and you can play it by selecting the link bellow:

You have to register a new account to play the game. Luckily its free t join and play the games.