Release of new concept: Fantasy Warfare

This is a first-person multiplayer fantasy game, were the player can play through classic multiplayer
game modes on different maps, collect experience, level up, and gain new weapons, armor, artifacts,
skills, spells, and other abilities. These rewards can later be used by the player to customizing the
player character and create unique character classes.
The player can also create his own clan with his friends, go in to battle against other
clans, and climb the online rank.

You can see more of the document in this link: http://www.mikaelsegedi.se/conceptfantasywarfare.pdf


So what's going on?

Well thank you for asking. I'm right now applying for a game design position within a very cool mod team. They are very dedicated to the development of there mod. And I'm really look forward on joining the team.

The name of the project is Open Outcast. The game is based on the action-adventure game Outcast by the developer Appeal and the mod is based on the CryEngine 3.

Every team-member that joins the project has to do a test. So they game me the test of writing a concept document for a new game. They game me 15 days to write it, and it has to be done before the 10 of Mars.

My document looks very good so far. It's still needs some story, and control layout, and in the end a polish of the concept and document layout. But I don't have my doubts about that it won't be done in time. When it's done I'll add it to my portfolio were you guys can read it.

In the meantime check out this video from the Open Outcast project.