Added 3 new concept to my portfolio

I've added 3 new concept to my portfolio. Check them out.


Every 5 year, the biggest competition in the world is played between cities, regions and countries.
The all famous Masters Cup Championship. Teams around the world gather to see who the Master
Team at Landball. The Master Team will be praised for 5 years and live their dreams like kings and
Queens, if they manage to go home with the Masters Cup.


This is an unusual survival story of a boy and his sister living in a war victimized city. Together they
have to overcome starvation, diseases and soldiers who are hunting them down. Explore the city and
stay on your toes, not everybody can be trusted.


The player plays a runner that runs the cyberspace. Runner’s job is to tame viruses and defend the
vulnerable part of the cyberspace (CPU). By taming and training viruses the runners turn them into
programs that can be used to fight off other viruses and corrupt runners.


Help me to raise money for the project.


Help me to raise money for the project.