Things are moving forward for me in the interindustry. As I mentioned in a previous comment, I wrote a thesis on Facebook-games. I took the opportunity show it to some Swedish game companies which are focused on the topic. Both Muskedunder Interactive and Stillfront showed interest in my skills.

I went ahead with an interview with Muskedunder. They wanted to see my character, and took the moment to show me around there office. Before i left i was told that they are thinking about starting a new game project, and that they would have need for a game designer/project manager.

Stillfront on the other hand gave me a task. They wanted me to analyze one out of there games, and look at what could be improved. I submitted a document which contained my analysis. They were very pleased with the results, and informed me that I was on their radar as a potential game designer.

Aside from this I'm thinking of new ways to demonstrate and improve my game design skills.Right now I'm thinking about joining the mod community. There are many talented developers out there who work in interesting game project. I'm more then qualified to help the development. Right now I'm keeping my eyes on a project named Outcast.