Madame Selma

As I entered the chinese resturant, it hit me;
- I need to visit the little mens room!
I turned my head to the right side of me, and saw bead curtains hanging in the doorway, leading to a small room, with two doors on each side. As I entered, almost entangling my self in the beads, I stopt;
- Which door should i choose? Should I take the right door or the left one?
The decision was a hard one. They both had signs indicating, that there was a toilet on the other side of the door.
-But which one should I choose?
I stuck to my gut feeling and choosed the one on the right side. I Opened the door and went inside. Just as I entered, madame Selma Lagerlöf appeared, lying on the floor.
- O shit! I found twenty bucks!

Even in real life there are treasures. This time the chinese resturant was my dungeon!